Don Mescall

Singer - Songwriter - Producer

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Songwriting for Other Artists

Don's songs feature on the following albums, selling more than ten million records worldwide and have over sixteen million hits on YouTube.

Oct 2022

"Don is delighted to have written 7 songs for Desray's new solo album and also feature's on two duets with Desray"

October 2021

"don is delighted to have co written two songs on Sharon Corr's new album"

Oct 15th 2021

#1 solo legacy album "includes 9 songs written by don "

Gone Girls - new iTunes number 1 single

July 10th 2020

"featuring number 1 single "angels in chains"

Gone Girls - new iTunes number 1 single

June 26th 2020

"Sunday Drive " the single june 26th 2020 Warner Bros

"Sunday Drive " the album , brett Eldridge july 10th 2020 Warner Bros

Gone Girls - new iTunes number 1 single

June 2020

feat 6 of dons songs including "the bigger the better" top 5 most played Canadian country single

Gone Girls - new iTunes number 1 single

Release date 07 April 2020

The Bigger The Better - Single by Laurie Leblanc

Gone Girls - new iTunes number 1 single

Release date 16th August 2019

" feat Paul McCartney, Nick Mason, Albert Lee, Gary Brooker, Chris Stainton, Don mescall, Paul Brady, Paul Carrick , LGCC "

Gone Girls - new iTunes number 1 single

Release date 16th August 2019

feat "lLive Long Rock & Roll"

Gone Girls - new iTunes number 1 single

Nathan Carter -
Gone Girls

New iTunes number 1 single

Released on june 7th 2019

Nathan Carter - This song is for you

Nathan Carter -
Born for the Road


Love is a beautiful dance

Nathan Carter - This song is for you

Cliff Richard -
Rise Up

Expected 23 Nov 2018
includes "there's one"

Nathan Carter - This song is for you

Nathan Carter -
This song is for you

'irish country number 1 single'
german album release featuring both number one singles " Living the dream " and "wanna dance"

Nicky Byrne 'Sunlight' Album Cover

Nicky Byrne -

Released May 6th 2016
featuring 'Explosion', 'Pop Machine', 'Still The One', 'Broadway Show', 'Thank you' and 'Pretty'
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Marina Kaye 'Fearless' Album Cover

Marina Kaye
- Fearless

Released May 2015 featuring 'Traitor', 'Price I've had to pay', 'Taken', 'Live Before I Die' & 'Don't You Talk About Love'
**No.1 and Double Platinum Certified

Lonestar 'Life As We Know It' Album Cover

- Life as We Know It

Released June 2013 featuring 'With My Eyes Open'
Buy the Song on iTunes

Rascal Flatts 'Still Feels Good' Album Cover

Rascal Flatts
- Still Feels Good

Featuring 'Secret Smile'

**U.S. No 1 ALBUM** (Billboard 200 chart)

Geri Halliwell 'Angels in Chains' Single Cover

Geri Halliwell
- Angels in Chains

Released 19th June 2017
iTunes No. 1 in Argentina, Peru and Spain
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Shane Filan 'Right Here' Album Cover

Shane Filan
- Right Here

Released 25th September 2015 featuring 'Your Love Carries Me'
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Nathan Carter 'Livin the Dream' Album Cover

Nathan Carter -
Livin' The Dream

Released 16th June 2017 including the title track and #1 single "Living the Dream" and "Just Hasn't Happened To Me" both co-written with Don
Buy 'Livin' The Dream' on iTunes now!

Sharon Corr 'The Same Sun' Album Cover

Sharon Corr
- The Same Sun

Released October 2013 featuring 'We Could Be Lovers', 'Edge Of Nowhere', 'Full Circle', 'You Say', 'The Runaround', The Same Sun' & 'Christmas Night'
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Giulia 'Raze Me to the Ground' Album Cover

- Raze Me to the Ground

Released April 2015
Featuring 7 songs co-written by Don including the singles 'Radio Junkie' & 'Turn Your Light On'

Backstreet Boys 'Unbreakable' Album Cover

Backstreet Boys
- Unbreakable

Featuring 'Trouble Is'
**U.S. No 7 ALBUM**
(Billboard 200 chart)

Aslan 'Secret Smile' Single Cover

- Secret Smile

Single released July 10th 2015
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Richie Havens 'Wishing Well' Album Cover

Richie Havens
- Wishing Well

The acclaimed 'Wishing Well' Album featuring Paradise

Celtic Thunder 'Celtic Thunder X' Album Cover

Celtic Thunder
- Celtic Thunder X

Released 2018
Featuring 'Toora Loora Lay'.

Nathan Carter 'Live at the 3 Arena' Album Cover

Nathan Carter
- Live at the 3 Arena

Released 15 December 2017
Featuring the #1 singles 'Living the Dream' and 'Wanna Dance'.

Grant & Forsyth 'Keep It Country' Album Cover

Grant & Forsyth
- Keep It Country

Released October 2016 featuring the single 'Keep It Country'
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Aslan 'Bullets and Diamonds' Album Cover

- Bullets and Diamonds

Released October 2014 featuring 'Too Late for Hallelujah'

Marina Kaye 'Homeless' EP Cover

Marina Kaye
- Homeless

Featuring 'Price I've Had to Pay' and 'Live Before I Die'

Nathan Carter 'Livin the Dream' Single Cover

Nathan Carter -
Livin' The Dream

Single released March 16th 2017
**No. 1 Single**
Buy 'Livin' The Dream' on iTunes now!

Kirsty Bertarelli 'Indigo Shores' Album Cover

Kirsty Bertarelli
- Indigo Shores

Released May 2014 featuring 12 songs co-written by Don
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Bonnie 'I'm Out' Single Cover

- I'm Out

Debut Single released May 11th 2016

Boyzone 'BZ20' Album Cover

- BZ20

Released November 2013 featuring 'Rise', 'Heaven Is' & 'The Hour Before Christmas'

Nathan Carter 'Stayin Up All Night' Album Cover

Nathan Carter
- Stayin Up All Night

Released April 29th 2016 featuring 'Wanna Dance'
Buy 'Stayin Up All Night' on iTunes Now!

Aslan and Don Mescall 'Catch Your Fall' Single Cover

Aslan & Don Mescall
- Catch Your Fall

Single Released in April 2013
Duet in aid of Pieta House Suicide and Self Harm Awareness

Aslan 'Nudie Books and Frenchies' Album Cover

- Nudie Books and Frenchies

Released April 2012 featuring 'Too Late For Hallelujah'
**IRISH No 1 ALBUM**featuring

Na Fianna 'Toora Loora Lay' Album Cover

Na Fianna
- Toora Loora Lay

Released July 2015
No. 1 in the Irish World Music Chart
Buy 'Toora Loora Lay' on iTunes Now!

Aslan 'Too Late For Hallelujah' Single Cover

- Too Late For Hallelujah

Released April 2012


Ronan Keating 'Fires' Album Cover

Ronan Keating
- Fires

Released September 2012, featuring 'The One You Love Tonight'

Rascal Flatts '14 Love Songs For The 14th' Album Cover

Rascal Flatts
- 14 Love Songs For The 14th

featuring 'Secret Smile'

Nathan Carter 'Wanna Dance' Single Cover

Nathan Carter -
'Wanna Dance

Single released April 29th 2016

Buy 'Wanna Dance' on iTunes now!

Ramin Karimloo 'Ramin' Album Cover

Ramin Karimloo
- Ramin

Released April 2012, featuring Constant Angel, Eyes of a Child, Broken Home & Show me Light

Na Fiann 'Unearthed' Album Cover

Na Fianna
- Unearthed

Released August 1st 2015
Featuring 4 songs written by Don
**No. 1 Debut in Irish World Music Chart

Boyzone '20th Anniversary Live at Nottingham 2CD/DVD Edition' Album Cover

- Live at Nottingham

20th Anniversary 2CD/DVD Edition released January 2014 featuring live versions of 'The Hour Before Christmas', 'Rise' and 'Too Late for Hallelujah'
Buy Boyzone's 20th Anniversary 2CD/DVD Edition now!

Lulu 'Back on Track' Album Cover

- Back on Track

Featuring 'Time to Fall'

Ronan Keating 'Bring You Home' Album Cover

Ronan Keating
- Bring You Home

Featuring 'All Over Again' (duet with Kate Rusby)

**U.K. No 3 ALBUM**

Clay Aiken 'On My Way Here' Album Cover

Clay Aiken
- On My Way Here

Featuring 'Grace of God'

**U.S. No 4 ALBUM**
(Billboard 200 chart)

Red Hurley 'How Great Thou Art' Album Cover

Red Hurley
- How Great Thou Art

Released November 2016 featuring 'You Love Carries Me'

Luke Dickens 'Devil in the Wind' Album Cover

Luke Dickens
- Devil in the Wind

(American Idol)
Featuring 'I'm Givin In'

Jon Peter Lewis 'Break the Silence' Album Cover

Jon Peter Lewis
- Break the Silence

(American Idol) featuring 'No Fire'

The New Cities 'Kill The Lights' Album Cover

The New Cities
- Kill The Lights

Featuring 'The Hype'

Giulia 'Radio Junky' Single Cover

- Radio Junky

Single released October 2014

Jaydee Bixby 'Easy To Love' Album Cover

Jaydee Bixby
- Easy To Love

Featuring 'Closer Than You Think'

Boyzone 'Brother' Album Cover

- Brother

Featuring 'Too Late For Hallelujah'
**UK. No 1 ALBUM**

Ronan Keating and Rita Guerra 'All Over Again' Single Cover

Ronan Keating & Rita Guerra
- All Over Again

Single- Portuguese release

Neal McCoy 'That's Life' Album Cover

Neal McCoy
- That's Life

Featuring 'All Over Again'

Garou 'Piece of My Soul' Album Cover

- Piece of My Soul

Featuring 'Heaven's Table', 'What's The Time in NYC' & 'Beautiful Regret'
**Canadian No 2 ALBUM** (Canadian Billboard chart)

Aisling 'Hold My Dream' Album Cover

Aisling -
Hold My Dream

Released April 22nd 2014
featuring "If Not For You"
Buy 'Hold My Dream' on iTunes now!

Kirsty Bertarelli 'The Ghosts Of Christmas Past' Single Cover

- The Ghosts Of Christmas Past

Released November 2014
Xmas Single featuring the YMCA North Staffordshire choir

Floortje Smit 'Fearless' Album Cover

Floortje Smit
- Fearless

Featuring 'All Over Again' (duet with Ronan Keating)

Brian Kenndy 'Voice' Album Cover

Brian Kennedy
- Voice

Featuring 'Broken Crown'

Mackenzie Porter 'The Hour Before Christmas' Single Cover

Mackenzie Porter
- The Hour Before Christmas

(Canada) Released November 2014

Garou 'Heaven's Table' Single Cover

- Heaven's Table

Single Release

Ronan Keating and Kate Rusby 'All Over Again' Single Cover

Ronan Keating & Kate Rusby
- All Over Again

(UK Release)
1st single from 'Bring You Home' album
**U.K. No 6 SINGLE**

Kelly Chen 'Especially Kelly' Album Cover

Kelly Chen
- Especially Kelly

Featuring 'All Over Again' (duet with Ronan Keating)

Ronan Keating and Rita Comisi 'All Over Again' Single Cover

Ronan Keating & Rita Comisi
- All Over Again

(Italian Release)

Theo Tams 'Give It All Away' Album Cover

Theo Tams
- Give it All Away

(Canadian Idol Winner) featuring 'Reckless'

Richie Hayes 'What About Me?' Album Cover

Richie Hayes
- What About Me?

(from 'The Voice' Ireland) featuring 'Free World' and 'Walk You Home'

Kirsty and Ronan Keating 'Send Out a Message' Single Cover

Kirsty and Ronan Keating
- Send Out a Message

Debut Single released June 2013

Lisa McHugh 'A Life That's Good Album Cover

Lisa McHugh
- A Life That's Good

#1 Album featuring 'Hey I'm a Woman

Brian Kennedy 'All Over the World' Single Cover

Brian Kennedy
- All Over The World

Eurosong Single

The High Kings 'Fields of Glory' Single Cover

The High Kings
- Fields of Glory

First Single from their Debut Album

The Three Amigos 'Radio Pictures' Album Cover

The Three Amigos
- Radio Pictures

Feauturing 'Radio Paints', 'Your Dress', 'Bandeleros' & 'Champagne'

Eva Avila 'Give Me The Music' Album Cover

Eva Avila
- Give Me The Music

Featuring 'You Don't Say No

Anne Brennan 'Young Love' Album Cover

Anne Brennan
- Young Love

Featuring 'You're Still The Only One

High Kings 'The High Kings' Album Cover

The High Kings
- The High Kings

Featuring 'Fields of Glory'
**No 2 ALBUM** (Billboard World Music chart)

Jane McNamee 'How Do I Tell Them' Album Cover

Jane McNamee
- How Do I Tell Them

Featuring 'You're Still The Only One'

Hummingbird 'Tougher Than Love' Album Cover

- Tougher Than Love

Featuring 'Grace of God'

Chila Lynn 'Real Woman' Album Cover

Chila Lynn
- Real Woman

Featuring 'Sparkle'

The High Kings 'Fields of Glory- Special Edition' Single Cover

The High Kings
- Fields of Glory

Special Edition Single Release to celebrate the GAA Football Final 21 Sept 2008 (supplement with the Irish Independent)

Maryla Rodowicz 'Maryla Rodowicz' Album Cover

Maryla Rodowicz
- Maryla Rodowicz

Featuring 'Beautiful Regrets'

Natalie Withers 'Simple Perfect' Album Cover

Natalie Withers
- Simple Perfect

Featuring 'Sunset of Gold'

Michael Foret 'Forte' Album Cover

Michael Foret
- Forte

Featuring 'Cold Out'

Frances Black 'Magdalen Laundry' Single Cover

Frances Black
- Magdalen Laundry

Single release

Frances Black 'Talk to Me' Single Cover

Frances Black
- Talk to Me

Single release featuring 'Two Strong Hearts'

Lynn Hilary 'Take Me With You' Album Cover

Lynn Hilary
- Take Me With You

(Celtic Woman)
featuring six of Don's songs including 'Sunset of Gold' (duet with Don)

Frances Black 'The Smile On Your Face' Album Cover

Frances Black
- The Smile On Your Face

Featuring 'You're Still The Only One

Frances Black 'How High The Moon' Album Cover

Frances Black
- How High The Moon

Featuring 'Magdalen Laundry', '24 Hours', 'Rachrai Island' and 'Lucky Star'

Cathy Maguire 'Portrait' Album Cover

Cathy Maguire
- Portrait

Featuring 'Nothing But Blue'

Eleanor Shanley 'The Road To Glory' Single Cover

Eleanor Shanley
- The Road To Glory

First Single from Eleanor Shanley's Debut Album

Eleanor Shanley 'Eleanor Shanley' Album Cover

Eleanor Shanley
- Eleanor Shanley

Featuring 'The Road To Glory'

Brian Kennedy 'Homebird' Album Cover

Brian Kennedy
- Homebird

Featuring 'All Over The World'

Frances Black 'The Essential Frances Black' Album Cover

Frances Black
- The Essential Frances Black

Featuring 'Magdalen Laundry', '24 Hours' & 'Rachrai Island'
Buy 'The Essential Frances Black' on iTunes now!

The 3 Amigos 'On The Road Again' Album Cover

The 3 Amigos
- On The Road Again

Featuring 'Radio Paints' , 'Your Dress Looks Its Best', 'Champagne', 'Bandelero'
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