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6th February 2014

Shame on BoyleSports for Sponsoring Ireland's Cruel Hare Coursing

Shame on betting company, BoyleSports for sponsoring Ireland's cruel hare coursing. At the national coursing meeting in Clonmel in February 2014, hares were filmed running for their lives past a BoyleSports advertisement banner. The company says it is a "proud sponsor" of this disgusting cruelty.

An advert on the Irish Coursing Club website, meanwhile, declares that Boylesports is "No 1 for coursing betting" and offers a free bet to coursers.

"Please show compassion for Irish wildlife and stop backing this disgusting cruelty," we stated in an email to the company's head office in Dundalk. Brought to its attention was our Coursing Cruelty Catalogue Report which reveals the suffering, injury and death caused to hares during the last coursing season.

In a 2011 Sunday Times interview, Boylesports founder John Boyle, stated "I love the coursing." The company shamelessly proclaims that it is "Number 1 for coursing betting".


Sign a Petition: Stop sponsoring hare coursing in Ireland. Sign Now and complain to Boylesports about its sponsorship of cruel hare coursing.

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