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Reasons for Vegetarianism

Reasons for Vegetarianism

Found these online, reasons some people have become vegetarian .

I love all creatures on earth.
"My main reason for wanting to go vegan among the obvious health issues is that I simply love and respect all animals large and small I think its ashamed that every human doesn't feel the same humans tend to be a selfish species and we think we are the only important ones in the world."
- Tony

Why I turned vegetarian
"I am 75 years old now, have eaten no meat for 12 years. Our kids were in FFA (future farmers of America) and raised cows pigs rabbits etc. After judging the animals we would butcher them. I could feel the animals fear and finally realized that animals have F E E L I N G S . This made me reject meat and the butchering scene. It is awful to see animals murdered just so humans can eat the flesh and blood of these animals.------We live near a lake and I used to go fishing too. If you ever caught a fish you would see it flop around in pain. Then die when someone cut its head off before cleaning.-------We used to raise chickens for the meat. We butchered them too. This is how we did it. You catch the chicken, you take it over to a wood stump, cut its head off with an axe and then you watch it flip flop around on the ground until it is dead, Sickening isn't it? That is very cruel to our animals. I will never eat animal flesh again."
- Phyllis Brewer

"I actually became vegetarian on accident. I set out intentionally to just eat only organic foods thinking that becoming vegetarian would be too much of a change. Then I quickly realized i wasn't buying meat. I suggest tofu stir-fry from bayan foods. It tastes good and smells great(w/or w/out soy sauce). I still slip from time to time when I have cravings, but I don't punish myself."
- Guest lacey

Why I'm a veg
"I've been a veg for over 25 years. It started in college(yes I'm "older" and from Oklahoma...meat country) First it was financial...meat costs a lot and vienna sausages and Underwood's Deviled Ham were getting old! Second...when I'm hungry...I'm really hungry...and planning to eat a roast in four hours was not an option. Second, I feel healthier and I'm extremely opposed ethically to the entire meat industry (chicken, beef, pork, lamb,'s absolutely immoral!!) I am having a bit of a problem excluding cheese (solidified cow mucus) in part because I love pizza. I am in NYC. But I am working on it. Best of luck to all!!!!!"
- Marlo

WHY I am for VEG!
"I have STRONGLY decided to go vegetarian, and now I am exploring the Vegan lifestyle for the right of the animals! NEVER could WE as humans take their right of life away. It truly breaks my heart to know how they are treated. and for what? I will make sure I do everything I can, to put energy towards a better life for them. Its only right. Happy Veggie! :)"
- virgo824

Why I became a vegetarian
"I have been a vegetarian for over 30 years now - I stopped eating anything "that moves" when I read an article by Nobel Prize Winner Nadine Gordimer. I suddenly realized that I could not carry on eating animals, it just was not fair! I don't wear leather, nor silk, nor products experimented on animals. Here in Portugal, where animals are really not-existing entities, and cruelty is the order of the day, I am regarded as a oddity and it's very difficult to eat out. But I am delighted of my small contribution!"
- Simbita

Veg or Vegan?
"I've just recently decided to try out vegetarianism, simply because I got sick of eating the same old dishes with meat. I haven't missed the meat so much, but I was surprised to see how many foods contained eggs, gelatin, etc. I have been researching veganism and I am toying with giving it a go. I have become alot more aware and spiritual since trying vegetarianism. It has prompted me to really think about what I am putting into my body and what exploiting animals does to the environment, economy and our spiritual being...."
- Guest Beginner