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Hello Everyone!

Hi there everyone,

Well this is the part of the website that I thought I would just kinda mention stuff that I feel strongly about & believe in. I don't mean to preach about any of the issues, but I suppose they're very important to me and I would just like to share some of them with you... in no real particular order.

I've been a vegetarian now for the last 14 years and its just been great - I love it!!!! It has been such a life changing experience for me, in a weird way I even feel a little closer to animals. My Mother told me recently that she found it quite difficult to get me to eat meat when I was a child, but I did eat chicken and loved it seemingly. There was always boiled bacon with potatoes and cabbage on the side for dinner growing up (for anyone that doesn't know that dish, its kinda traditional Irish dinner) mmmmmm... not my kind of thing but very popular especially in the rural area's. Funny thing - I wasn't even a great vegetarian then because I really didn't like most veggies either, just a difficult child I suppose!!! We would always have Fish on Fridays (abstinence) that's a catholic thing!!! Lets not go there, that's a whole different conversation - although just recently I was thinking... if the majority of people who eat meat would consider having a day without meat, possibly a Friday, how much of a difference would that make?

Ok where was I... yeah so really vegetarianism is such a big part of my life and I feel so passionate about animals, how they are treated, that I thought I would have one little section of this website just for stuff and info like that. I really wish I could in some way have it set up where people could also post their thoughts here, but at the moment I haven't got that facility... Maybe someone out there might start a blog thing that could link the two, who knows what will happen!?!?

I ate meat and fish for many years and I have so many friends and family that still do and that's cool - I just happen to feel differently about it. Mainly that stems from the way that animals are raised, treated and slaughtered for the food market, that's really where I have my problem. I mean, I know people that are so careful in their selection of meat that they eat - making sure that it is organic, free-range, killed in a humane way etc. and that is just music to my ears!! If that was the case across the world what a better planet we would all live on, but it's not the case and that's the truth.

So from time to time there will be articles and links to sites and personal thoughts about my believes in animal rights - some content may also be disturbing. Please don't think I'm trying to preach about any of this stuff, I'm not!

Hope you find some of it interesting, let me know!
Thanks a mill

Don x