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Concert Review by Carey Mitchell (Kentucky Press)

Don Mescall

Even the name sounds like the man. DON ~ Dark, mysterious, experienced, confident. MESCALL ~ Unmistakably from Limerick, Ireland, where the Mescall clan are many and talented and strong and warm. Even the name is musical - "DON MESCALL". And in music you will find the heart of this gifted man.

He is a songwriter, recording artist and a performing gem of stage, television and radio. He can write words into his songs that will open up the side of you that you thought you had long closed and buried, and you find yourself intrigued and impatient for more.

He picks guitar in a way that's melodic, playful, soulful and totally unique to him. Don't be surprised if you find yourself spellbound by it... it's a natural reaction when you're one-to-one with a guy who has spent as much time figuring out the complicated tuning as he has for the lyric that says just what he wants it to say in order to bend your own wounded heart.

Just when you think the mix is rich enough, he presses his lips to the harmonica and says, in a velvet tone, "let's get the vibe goin'.." and the sound of the man, the voice, the lyrics and the guitar notes wash over you. And you can feel the essence of the guy kiss your eyelids and make you not only hear it but feel it too. You can taste the good wine, feel the firelight, the healing sunshine and the sweetness of perfect company. The songs waft over you and your emotions are on a see saw.

Songs like "Magdelen Laundry" make you want to jump up and do something about injustice. Songs like "Left in L.A." bring you back to the many turning points in life where you wish you could rewind and re-decide, now that you know better. Songs like "Sunset of Gold" and its lapping guitar riffs make you want to grab a good bud and head for the river.

Songs like "You Don't Love Me Like You Used To" remind you those these moments, these moments when it's all working, are to be appreciated and nourished and made room for, because they only come about because Don has taken the time to make sure it would be perfect, just for you.

Whether he's standing on stage in an arena, an amphitheatre, a college campus or an intimate supper theatre, Don Mescall and the moments you spend in his company will have an effect on you that should have a government health warning...

You'll hear a voice so honest and vulnerable you can almost reach out and touch his heartache, joy or wonder. You know that what you are receiving, seeing and hearing is pure and powerful. The timing, the tone, texture and the tunes are all so perfect you might just be tempted to close your eyes and let the sound embrace you. Don't do that. Because then you'll miss the greatest treat of all.