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"Daily doses of Don Mescall as artist, as writer, or both will lead to good musical health"
- Paul Gambaccini, BBC Radio 2

"His music may be influenced by Tom Waits, Stephen Stills and Joni Mitchell but ultimately it reflects the poetic side of his soul"
- Time Out

"Don Mescall is a genius. His songs have the ability to touch you on the deepest of levels."
- Ralph McLean, BBC Northern Ireland

"Another blistering performance!"
- Janice Long, BBC Radio 2

"Only a matter of time until he becomes a global star"
- The Irish World

"Mescall captures his audience like a young Paul Simon"
- Austin Chronicle

"Mescall's voice recalls something of David Gray, but with a rare depth and character that Gray lacks"
- The Irish World

"There's a certain effortless poignancy to Don's material that suggests Glastonbury could be just the first of many famous stop-offs"
- HotPress

"Don Mescall writes bittersweet love songs and ballads of youth with a sensitiviity that cannot be synthesised"
- The Irish Post

"There is something unavoidably poetic and beautiful about Mescall's lyricism"
- (5 stars) Irish World News

"Don has that rare quality, honesty. His live performances capture his audiences from the off and keep them spellbound to the very final note. A writer without equal, Don richly deserves his place in the industry."
- Roddie Cleere, WLRfm

"There's a little bit of all our lives in the lyrics of Don Mescall. Don's star continues to rise."
- Roddie Cleere - WLRfm

"The songs on his EP, Fuel for the Fire, are right up there with Don's finest work ... you feel he's lived every single line himself. When Clouds Get In The Way is masterful"
- Ralph McLean - BBC Northern Ireland

"Don Mescall is Ireland's best songwriter by a mile. His songs are akin to three minute movies, with characters, plot, drama and emotion. It is a mystery why he hasn't had huge international recognition before now."
- Shay Healy - author, songwriter, producer - May 2009

Kilkenny People Newspaper Review

Let me start by saying that while I'm a fan of music, it's rare that a performance moves me to tears.

However on Friday night at Cleere's my eyes welled up no fewer than three times as Don Mescall strummed his guitar.

I wasn't in an overly emotional mood it has to be said, I was tired from a long day's work but really looking forward to the session, my first time to see Mescall perform in a gig setting.

I knew I loved his music, but there's something about a live performance, especially one of his, which brings you to another level. Completely engrossed in each song, a story accompanied each while the emotion of each track was etched across his face. That's a lot of emotion, considering there was just his one sole "happy song" in the set!

As the weather raged outside pelting passerbys and walls of cold kept many at home, a "small but perfectly formed" audience sat in appreciation in the hallowed back room of one of the most musically respected venues.

Songs inspired by Mescall's daughter Eve and old family Sunday drives were moving, but particularly special was the showcasing of Niagra, a new number written and performed with the legendary Mick Hanly. The latter stayed up on stage for a rendition of Broken Halo with it's tale of a school mate who left the hardship of school behind and went on to win the Lotto. It's a beautiful track and one to be called for at his next gig.

The only disappointment on the night was the aforementioned attendance. While the group was hugely appreciative and sung their hearts out when asked, the gig was the latest musical experience to be affected by low turnout. Such a pity given the excellence provided from a man who excels across the world and who's written with and for the likes of The Backstreet Boys, American Idol winner Clay Aiken, multi platinum artist Ronan Keating among others.

It's been three years since he performed here. Here's hoping the bad attendance won't put him off future gigs in the Marble City.

Reviews of new tour

Hi to the DM team,

I was down in Brazils on the 11th with two friends of mine. We travelled down from Thurles. It was fantastic to see Don live again, have seen him now 3 times now and can not wait for the new album to come out in January and the next tour! :o)

On a serious note, Dons music/songs have always striked a very strong note with me, I love the way the words of his songs put pics into the mind and take u back down memory lanes that we sometimes refuse to revisit and which heal unknown to us.

"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us".

Thank you Don for all the songs, your gifted!!!

C ya in January or there after!

This might well be Don Mescall's only gig in the North of Ireland on his November 09 tour - but he made sure it was one his audience would not forget. Mescall performed a carefully chosen mix of songs previously recorded and added a taste of things to come from his yet to be released album.

Opening the gig with songs inspired from his early experiences of starting out as a musician in New York, including the haunting "New York City's Not My Home", Mescall set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Introducing his songs he shared with the attentive audience from where he had drawn his inspirations and at what point he was in his life when he wrote the songs. This not only brought the songs to life, it also made the gig a much more personal experience than I'm sure most had anticipated.

As the evening progressed, more gems unfolded and were performed with ease, such as "Last Chance", "Paradise", "Magdalen Laundry", and "I Don't Believe". Continuing with that same ease he performed what he himself described as some "happy songs" such as "Roof Of The World" and the very successful "All Over Again". The audience participation songs such as "Closer" and "The More I See The Less I Understand" added to what was becoming a unique live experience for all present.

Whilst this is a solo tour and Mescall should have been out of his comfort zone, this certainly was not the case as he delivered his songs with a quiet confidence, but more importantly with an overwhelming honesty and genuine emotion. An accomplished guitar accompaniment proved this gent can capture an audience single-handedly.

As the gig was coming to a close there was a distinct feeling that we had travelled together on a journey through the colourful life of the still young Mescall - which exudes hope of many more wonderful songs yet to be written.

At any point throughout the gig, you could have heard a pin drop, thus giving Mescall the respect his songs deserve. It is not a wonder that his songs have been covered by artists such as Ronan Keating, Rascal Flatts, Backstreet Boys, Brian Kennedy and Frances Black, as this songwriter is proving his worth with beautifully crafted melodies and lyrics of pure honesty. Ireland has produced many great songwriters - and last night Portstewart evidenced yet another one.

Don Mescall's new album is to be released in March 2010.